The Intuition Games

Intuition is a primary instinct. We use it to make quick decisions, faster than our conscious mind can comprehend. But what if an individual could harness the power of a network of intuition?

Introducing The Intuition Games.
Four competitors are dropped in remote locations around the globe, where they’ll live in self contained eco-capsules. Our competitors will be tasked with an array of survival quests, confrontations, trials, objectives and puzzles, all of which will be live streamed through WebEx, and all of which will be based on making intuitive decisions.

However, it won’t be their intuition that guides them. It’ll be the intuition of a network. A network of people. The audience. Every decision a competitor makes will be determined by the collective intuition of our online audience, through a series of interactive time pressured decisions. No time for logic. No time to analyse your options. Every decision is based on gut feel.